World Christian news | #339 from 13.01.16

In this program:
• American dilemma: whether to let the country of Syrian refugees-Christians.
• Reporter Dale Hurd: “ISIS sends people to US to kill us!”
• Love actually: to a new life in the U.S. help Syrian refugees adapt to the Christians.
• Mercy or security: how the West can stop being afraid of refugees from the Middle East.
• Disputes of rights and freedoms: should religious freedom be of all religions?
• Compelling evidence: U.S. Supreme court justice confirms that God is good.
• Worldview of a new generation of schools in the UK will be talking about Christian traditions.
• Ancient becomes new: three thousand years of Canaanite citadel will become part of a residential complex.
• Hi, Robic! “Superbook” has become the official partner of the largest children’s festival in India.

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