World Christian news | #362 from 22.06.16

In this program:
• Tragedy in Orlando: Christians rallied, helping the victims of the terrorist attack in a gay club.
• Crying along with crying: how U.S. Christians respond to a terrorist attack in gay club Orlando.
• Who is to blame for the attack? Christians accused of inciting hatred on the LGBT community.
• Causes of the terrorist attack in Orlando: why the followers of radical Islam are taught that homosexuals are worthy of death.
• Seven years in prison for the faith: is there any chance for the release of Asia Bibi?
• New versus old: in what direction changes the religious landscape of America.
• Faith and knowledge: the majority of children Khomutets village for the year involved in the Christian project “School of life”.
• A new film about Christ: Mel Gibson is working on a sequel of the movie “the passion of the Christ”.

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