World Christian news | #465 from 13.06.18

In this program:
• Settlement under the ashes: hundreds of Guatemalans killed or disappeared because of a volcanic eruption.
• Changes in the world: Sam Brownback spoke about the achievements in the battle for religious freedom.
• “The Samaritan aviation” Papua New Guinea: a few pilots-Christians serve a medical Shuttle for 200 thousand inhabitants of the island
• Holiday in New Zealand: tribe hoopla received the long-awaited publication of the complete Bible in their language
The Jerusalem prayer Breakfast: the members of the Knesset and Jewish leaders asked God about the world.
• Catalog of Bible treasures: the history of the Bible repeatedly confirmed by archaeological artifacts.
• National day of prayer: 10 thousand worshippers in the Palace of Sport, national prayer marathon and the creation of a handwritten Bible.
• Skate tours with Christ: one of the most popular skateboarders in Bulgaria was the youth Evangelist.

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