You have already ridden with a driver with no hands? Perhaps you should buckle up

Jessica Cox 35 years. She is married, drives a car, got a pilot’s license, plays piano, and she has a black belt Taekwondo. All this woman is doing with no hands.

Photo: Jessica Cox / Facebook

  • The rapid life of a person in a wheelchair
  • “After the accident, I lived as a plant, ate and slept” – and then became a champion
  • “After the operation I was supposed to be blind and the last time I saw the game friends”
  • “I was told a one-legged gymnasts does not exist” – but after a leg amputation, she became the Olympic champion

Photo: Jessica Cox / Facebook

Jessica was born in the United States without both arms due to a rare defect of fetal development. Her parents never showed the girl that they’re upset about her disability. Jessica says that the father never looked at her as a victim and growing up, she, too, ceased to think of myself like that.

The girl’s mother often told her that she can do everything in life she wants. And childhood Jessica – proof. In 3 years she was engaged in gymnastics, 5 swimming, 6 began to dance, a 10 – to practice Taekwondo.

“Certainly, for people lack of hands is a limiting factor. But I’m here to show them wrong,” says Jessica.

She decided that dentures are no longer needed

It is difficult to believe, but as a child, Jessica found it difficult to accept yourself and your features. At age 6, during the first performances of the dance Studio, where he studied Jessica, she asked me to put myself back on the stage. But the teacher noticed that the back row there, and Jessica will be dancing along with everyone. When the performance ended, the audience burst into applause, which gave the girl confidence.

At age 10 her parents met with the instructor in Taekwondo, Jim Cunningham. When they talked about his daughters, his answer was simple: physically a girl can do it, and only her mental attitude can prevent it.

After 4 years, Jessica got her first black belt in the International Taekwondo Federation. This achievement pushed the girl to a drastic step – she finally gave up the prosthetic arms.Jessica wore dentures from the age of 3 and they helped her not to attract attention. In long sleeve girl could safely walk down the hall and to eat in the dining room. But the dentures were significant disadvantages: they are heavy, have limited Jessica and slowed her. Therefore, it is considered that it is much easier and more natural it will be to do everything with their feet.

Small victories – cleaning, makeup, and playing piano

Jessica is independent and does not use any special home adaptations. The only difference her apartment from a bar near the sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom where it is convenient to raise high feet and comb his hair or wash the dishes.

Jessica is right, she drives a car with your feet. The woman recalls with a laugh that during the driving test examiner it was more nervous than she is.

“I looked at him and asked if he was taking this exam to someone who operates the machine feet. He replied, “no.” Then I said, “Maybe you should buckle up””.

However, driving and even flying with feet is easier than to dress themselves without hands. “The opportunity to wear pants, to dress themselves – these small victories mean a lot more,” adds Jessica.

The woman completely caters to yourself: cleaning house, doing makeup, cooking, plays the piano, writes with a pen, typing on a keyboard, and even sits with my little niece.

The only thing Jessica can’t – do hairstyle. This helps her husband Patrick. A few years of marriage he has learned to do a ponytail and braid her hair.

To land the plane feet

World Jessica Cox is known primarily as the world’s first pilot with no arms.

“I remember being in the yard of his elementary school, I was angry and upset that differ from others. I closed my eyes and imagined myself flying over all around,” says Jessica.

To obtain a pilot’s license, Jessica has gone for 3 years. No one had ever tried to fly with no hands, so no special aircraft, no methods existed. In the end, Jessica decided that it will approach the normal plane drives the girl unadapted car.

What ordinary pilots learn in a few weeks, Jessica has come up with from scratch. How to buckle up in a chair with his feet? Then the problem is complicated. How to safely land the plane? How to act in emergency situations? But the biggest challenge is to overcome the fear of flying and fear of heights, which was the girl.

Jessica was not only able to obtain a pilot’s license in 2008, but got into the Guinness Book of records in 2011. “This is the greatest feeling of freedom and independence when I was able to fly without anyone’s help and became the first pilot flying feet,” says the woman.

Photo: Jessica Cox / Facebook

According to the materials of Channel News Asia, the Daily Mail, ABS-CBN


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