“You just bought me coffee I cry and smile all day”

The teacher from Florida Robert Goodman was another 3 months of chemotherapy ahead, when his sick leave ended. The man came colleagues they have given him their 100 days. Now Robert can safely fight cancer and not to go to work until the New year. This and other good news in the collection “Pravmir”.

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A woman bought a coffee to a stranger and received an unexpected response

Mackenzie Muller did not know that a simple kind gesture can change someone’s life. She was in the coffee shop and decided to pay the woman who stood behind her.

On the same day, Mackenzie found an envelope in my mailbox.

It was a letter from Nicole Clawson – the same woman from the coffee shop. She thanked Mackenzie for her gift and said that the recently encountered problems.

Yesterday I bought coffee for the lady behind me at Starbucks.. later in the day I found this is my mailbox. Small acts can make a big difference folks, spread some kindness. pic.twitter.com/awNi4LSGJq

— Mackenzie (@mackey2399) August 7, 2018

“My father, who also helped me with the kids, died recently. Me and my family a really hard time. This morning my nanny got sick and I had to take the day off from work,” wrote the stranger.

She said that the act Mackenzie supported her in a very difficult day.

“I decided that I should write to you. You just bought me coffee. This event turned my whole day, I cry and smile all day.”

Mackenzie found the stranger, who lives nearby, and offered to sit with her children. “This is a great opportunity for my kids to see how to treat others. They are happy to repay the debt and to treat others with love and dedication,” wrote Nicole on his page in social networks.

Teacher donated his counterpart of 100 days sick leave

Robert Goodman, teachers from Florida, in may was diagnosed with cancer. By July, his paid annual leave and sick leave came to an end and the man realized that he needed to go to work, otherwise he will lose his only source of income.

Robert Goodman. Photo: Facebook

But to go back to school was difficult because chemotherapy Robert was to last until October. “I was really scared, he told the BBC. – I didn’t understand how I’m going to go to work every day at 5 in the morning.” Robert also feared flu viruses and colds, which are always in school.

Unexpectedly for a teacher to help him come colleagues. Florida teachers can change with each other days in the hospital and even to sacrifice them.

Robert posted on his Facebook page an appeal to colleagues. He said that he already spent 38 days in the hospital and he needs at least another 20 to complete the treatment.

Suddenly Robert, his post became viral. The story was shared more than 2 thousand people. After 4 days it became known that the teacher who’s battling cancer, donated more than 100 days sick leave. Thus, Robert does not return to school until January 2019.

“It was a surprise that on my request so quickly respond, but I’m not surprised that the teacher did it. The teacher always gives, this is the essence of the profession, says Robert. – When hundreds of people shower you with his love, it changes your whole life”.

Free haircut for the school year

Barber Jermaine Smith of Cleveland helps children feel better in the beginning of the school year. For several years, he and 4 other stylist Studio Premier Barber Studio at the end of August call the students to do free haircut. This year they helped 40 children and adolescents.

Jermaine Smith at work. Photo: yahoo.com

“The first day at school all want to look their best,” says Jermaine. “When your hair trimmed, you look and feel better,” he told The Huffington Post.

This event is part of the campaign “Go to school on the right foot”. The children will also distribute 50 school backpacks with a set of stationery. In the action participated and Cleveland, the sneaker shop.

Photo: yahoo.com

“The idea is that when children feel that they look good, they learn better,” says Ronald bridges, President of the company All Inn, which carries out the action.

A haircut in the salon Premier Barber Studio invite all students, but primarily the campaign is aimed at families for whom even $ 15 before the beginning of the school year.

“We are also trying to reduce stress in parents who do not have enough money to buy the children a new pair of shoes or get a haircut”.

“I always tell young people that they should be neatly trimmed. When you have a fresh haircut, people treat you with respect,” – says Jermaine.

Photo: yahoo.com

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