“You knew them or not – it is a terrible shared our grief,” Kerch said goodbye to the victims of the tragedy

19 October on the Central square of Kerch took leave 17 dead students of the Polytechnic College, the bodies of three boys who came to study from other cities, took close. Them will bury in the homeland.

Photo: Natalia Kostanova

The farewell ceremony was scheduled for 10 am, but to shrink the square began to advance, and one hour prior to the beginning of the part a small crowd gathered, increasing every minute. On Lenin street, where were people as over the entire Kerch had not yet dispersed the morning mist, and the sky was grey and heavy, as if grieved with the earth. People were drawn to between two-storey houses on the cobbled sidewalk in groups, pairs and alone, with carnations or roses, tied with a black, and spoke about the tragedy.

– At us nobody has suffered, – a teenage girl is drawn to his companion.

– Thank God, ‘ he says.

Now America open: how is it that the guards weren’t there! – talk to each other two women. – All the gain, all schools and educational institutions. But before that, why not?

Now, of course, and the administration will be punished.

– Well, you can not leave them.

– Working day. Maybe less people will come. I think that square is too pompous. In some the institution has made…

Then, women still could not imagine that no one institution would seat thousands of people, not only the streets, but residents of other parts of the Peninsula, who felt it his duty to say goodbye to the victims of the tragedy.

Farewell ceremony began with a minute of silence. Words of condolence to the relatives of the victims appealed to the leadership of Crimea and the city administration.

– October 17, shared the history of Crimea before and after. Need to be strong, take heart, to support loved ones who in one day lost the most precious. The Kingdom of heaven to the dead, – said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

Imam Kerch Marlene Garipov held a prayer service – was among the dead Ore Djuraev, he was buried according to Muslim traditions in his native village, hornostaivka. Metropolitan Kerch and Feodosia Plato held a service.

We need to remember them and live as they would like if they were alive. May the memory be with us in the healing of morality. We live for them. Remember them and sometimes pray for them to God. Remember, prayer for them is effective and she gives them consolation in their present state, ‘ said the Bishop to the congregation.

Almost three hours an endless stream of people walked, stopping at each of the 17 graves, lay flowers, some of them crossed themselves, women and girls are not held back tears, hiding tear-stained face in his hands, the men walked in silence, his eyes downcast. When the mournful music fell silent for a while, the square was tearing up the soul hoarse groan, the cries and lamentations of mothers, grandmothers, sisters dead.

In the square was on duty doctors and paramedics in the ambulance to the student volunteers, the staff of service of medical-psychological help. Many times during the ceremony, the relatives needed urgent medical help. Many times over the whole vast area, with one side abutting the Pushkin theatre, the other in the Church of St. John the Baptist, one of the oldest in the Crimea, raised the recognizable smell of sage, and because it was poured and drank so much that he is not saved, as nothing was saved and nothing had reduced the pain.

People were walking in the street of Lenin, laying flowers at the tomb of the dead, and, skirting the square of memory of heroes of the great Patriotic war, went. But some still remained, together with relatives to go to the cemetery. They lost their groups and continued to talk about the tragedy.

– I am a true kerchanka, was born here in 1937. Never anything like this in our city was not. We used to have and had not thought that such a terrible thing could happen. Recent years we hear that is happening in the world, and now we do, so let’s see how many people here are told to “Pravmiru” Tamara.

Supported it and another local resident Lyudmila:

– That never happened.

– Did you know someone from the dead?

– Slain Daria I knew since she was seven and she came to the first class. I then as a janitor, cleaning lady worked at the school. Beautiful, young girl. Sorry, of course, no words like sorry. When I saw her name, was horrified. But what’s the difference whether you knew them, didn’t know this is a terrible shared grief.

The farewell ceremony ended in the afternoon. Family, friends, and everyone in the long procession reached the cemetery, and after half an hour the janitor crunchy chalk area is the place where there were 17 coffins. While he swept the heads of carnations and battered foliage, the square was going to moms with strollers, a bit further in the sandbox children were playing. But this ordinary calmness was just a facade, actually in the city for a long time will talk about pain and death.

– What don’t you go and do not pass? The second negative is the most desired blood – chastised someone in the phone the girl-the cashier at the store where I went by chance. And this conversation has merged with dozens of the same – about the, about the rumors that the shooter “was not alone”, and the main common pain, which is still nothing compared to the pain personally of parents who have lost children and children who lost their parents.

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