All the changes, revolutions and major movements in history started with just one vote — one person dared to be heard and understood. This fact inspired the organizers of the conference “the Power of one” in Colorado springs. Young people attending the conference, I hope that will be heard and their voice in support of God’s plan for America.

One woman, Susan B. Anthony, became a pioneer of the suffragette movement, which offered women the opportunity to vote.

“Her soul was constantly an internal struggle, but she was ready to move forward and fight for what we now value so highly,” says speaker and writer Tiffany Pastor.

One woman, Mother Teresa, followed the call of God to help the poor, changing their lives forever.

“As for Mother Teresa, for example, it can be seen that it is not necessary to do many different things. But God wants us to live outside of this building. God wants us to live outside their “comfort zone” of what is considered normal. Therefore, we do not take on a lot of things, but we must seize every opportunity to show love, which many people otherwise never experience,” shares the youth pastor Zach Yockey.

“We often remember the people who scored some of their achievements and think, “Maybe I something do, when I’m 25 or 30, or 35, or 50,” and we forget that God is not looking for someone of a certain age. He is looking for willing” — says historian Tim Burton.

“Listening to these stories, I think: “Oh, we need something to do,” but then you realize that you need to be faithful in the little things, that I have now, and then I can move on to something bigger that will ultimately appear,” — says 22-year-old Celeste Riofrio.

Gathered here historians, teachers and pastors want to support new voices, who will assume a leading role in the proclamation of God’s plan for America.

“People are looking for a stable relationship. We often called lost generation of people from 18 to 30 years, because even those who grew up in the Church, at the end of high school saying, “goodbye, God. Goodbye, youth groups”. However, they limped back to the Church closer to thirty years. This generation is looking for stability, not only in what they believe, but in the relationships in your life. And Christianity gives it that guarantees this,” says Alex Mcfarland of the University of North Greenville.

A red thread through the whole conference “Power of one” is the question: “What can I do?”

“Jesus specifically said, “blessed are the peacemakers”. He never said, “blessed are the peace-lover”. What exactly means “power of one”? Be a peacemaker. Be willing to openly with someone to talk to, even though it is uncomfortable. Be ready to make friends with people with whom you do not want to be friends. Be ready to talk to people that don’t want to talk. By doing so, you become a peacemaker and not just mirolyuba. Mirolyubets’ve nothing to say and the result would amount to nothing, and the peacemaker is changing the world,” says youth pastor Zach Yockey.

Who knows who will be the next person who will change the world forever? This requires only one voice, one vision, one movement in one country to God.

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