Young killer received new life thanks to children’s Ministry

“The Lord’s resistance army” kidnapped John from Uganda when he was six years old. He was made a soldier and forced to do terrible things. The story of Jonah could have ended just as scared as his former military life. But God saved him from captivity and set me on the path to salvation.

“I’ve heard stories about rebels who killed and burned entire villages. When our neighbor shouted, “They’re here”, I ran away and spent the whole day hiding. But they still found me,” says John about how he was captured, and then rescued by the “Lord’s resistance army”. He was captured along with the other boys when he was only 6 years old.

“I was the smallest among them. We went a few days before he reached their base. The commander gave me a large stick and ordered to kill a man. If I hadn’t done that, they would have killed me. I hit him again and again. I was small and weak, and he didn’t want to die. Then I said, “You can kill me, because I’m too small to kill this man”” he says.

Commander GUS gathered around himself all the boys and ordered them not to shout and not to cry, and just smile and laugh from what must happen soon.

“They made the man lie down, and then began to cut him to pieces while he begged for mercy. Around it was a lot of blood. My heart wanted to help him, but I did not give him will. I forgot about all the good around and saw only madness,” continues John.

John was forced to fight for the rebels, and during a shootout hurt him too much. The soldiers asked him if he wanted to “rest”.

“When they ask this question to eternal rest. I said I can go. I prayed and asked God to take me home. I knew there was nothing we could do about it,” explains guy.

Nobody treated John, his wound would not heal, and then one soldier took the boy into the field to kill. But instead of shoot — let him go.

“I wanted to run as far as possible. When I escaped, hid in abandoned huts. Haunted me severe pain. One night I woke up and heard a voice which said, “You need to move on”. I looked to see who spoke, but there was no one around. Now I understand that it was God,” he says.

In one abandoned cabin John found beans and some matches. He managed to build a fire. Army, which fought with the rebels saw smoke and surrounded the hut. When they saw that John, himself, took the boy to a safe place.
John went back to their village, reunited with his family and joined the “Club world”, which supports the Ministry CBN’s “orphans Promise”. Thanks to the “Club World” John learned about the God who saved him.

“Even before I met Him, He cared about me. I gave my life to Christ. I know that without God I have nothing. It’s no accident you found me. God sent you to me, and your love and acceptance helped my heart to heal,” says John.

“Many children who come to “Club world” or become orphans because of the war, or are themselves former soldiers. But in this place they sing songs and play games. In the beginning, when the children come, the stories of their games were linked with violence and war. Over time, they became the topic school and friends, because here the guys have the opportunity to be children — said the coach of “Club world” Dan. We also recorded John in the Christian boarding school, and he is doing very well.”

“My life became complete. You cared for me as parents, and gave me everything I need. I can’t give you something in return, but I pray that God will bless all who helped me,” shares John.

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