“You’re crazy. You are forced to have an abortion!” – said the doctor

Yulia – lecturer of the Institute of jurisprudence and management of all-Russian police Association, is now on maternity leave. Daughter Masha, she brings one, and not three years. This spring, in preparation for surgery to remove the thyroid gland, doctors discovered she has a congenital heart defect. Between the right and left atrium – hole with a diameter of 13 mm. need urgent surgery. The installation of the occluder (medical device, performing the role of patches) heart worth 270 thousand rubles. We can help Julia!

Yuliya Omarov

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She was with a child, but the tumor continued to grow

She tries to be strong and to do everything that depends on it. Cannot do it differently. To do well or not do at all, to move forward, to grow, to be a fighter, taught by her parents. Major dad, a retired teacher in the colony, mother – designer-technologist. Julia graduated with honors from the school, then the Russian legal Academy. He defended his thesis and became a candidate of political Sciences. Dreamed about the baby and about the girl…

6 years ago, Julia noticed on his neck a big knot. But, like many, thought: “Surgery is an extreme measure. I will watch”. Endocrinologists in one voice said: “it is Necessary to remove the thyroid gland. You have a great site, and has a tendency to grow!” “I have studied this issue, read a lot about this operation. And came to the conclusion that without a thyroid I can’t carry and give birth to a child. And then I got pregnant and thought, “God gives me a baby… This is my last chance”,” – says Yulia.

She took a firm decision – to give birth. In spite of and despite. Knowing that will not support men, and in spite of bans doctors. “The endocrinologist, after learning about the pregnancy, said, “You’re crazy. You are forced to have an abortion!” Her words shocked me. How I can get?

At first I cried, then I remembered our conversation with the priest. He said: “Once you are given a child, take care of it, live as you live, he will develop and all will be well.” I take those words very strengthened. With this in mind – that everything will be fine – I lived,” says Julia.


It is well understood that when a woman is pregnant, to predict how it will develop the tumor, it is impossible. And understand that you have to bring up the child alone. But I was determined to break. She’s not alone in this world. There are situations and is worse. To work tried to the last – needed money. Daughter Mary was born prematurely, weighing less than two kilos. But very quickly caught up with its development in term infants. Two weeks before she turned one, she went. Julia was happy. She prayed with the girl everything was fine, that she is healthy. While she fed her daughter breast, surgery on the thyroid her doctors do not recommend it. But a lump on his neck continued to grow. Julia tried to hide it under scarves, wore clothes “throat”. It was uncomfortable and painful.

Before surgery on the thyroid gland revealed a heart defect

An endocrinologist, which she observed, in some point said, “I must operate! Great education. 75%, which is a cancer”. When Julia was prepared for surgery on the thyroid gland, doctors discovered a new, not less serious problem with health.

“Ultrasound of the heart, I say to the doctor:

– I have a cardiogram with mild disabilities…

Don’t worry, all is well. It’s all… – responsible physician. And suddenly changing in the face. A few minutes she is silent. I already started crying. I realized that, perhaps, there is something very serious. And then I hear:

I have to disappoint you, but you have a congenital heart defect.
I couldn’t believe it. 37 years and not even guessed,” Julia recalls.

Before Julia never did an ultrasound of the heart. Nothing was too much trouble. Well, chopping is sometimes – we’ve all had it… Thought, drank coffee, fidgety, blamed on fatigue. Running from one job to another, so the heart can not withstand such a rhythm of life and such loads. That she will find a hole between the right and left atrium, and could not imagine.

“I thought, “Why now? Why had I never appointed ultrasound of the heart? I can’t be the first time you did cardio, and she always showed deviations. But the doctors believed that they are small. And then before surgery on the thyroid gland decided to play it safe, and a defect was found. Of course, I’m glad it turned out now, not in 5 years, when minimally invasive surgery would have been impossible”, – says Julia.

Another operation is too risky or minus 10 years of life

Surgery to remove thyroid it made in the North-Western centre of endocrinology in Saint-Petersburg – insurance. Histology results were that the tumor was benign. But to remove it was needed because there were foci of degeneration of cells in malignant.

Soon Julia needs a heart operation.

“Quotas are the regional Ministry of health issues only at open heart surgery. Cut the chest, broken ribs and heart stopped to perform the necessary manipulations. But my Vice is better to install the occluder, i.e. through a vein to hold the probe, which will close the hole. Now it is 13 mm, but is constantly growing, because it passes through the blood and increases the adjacent chamber of the heart,” says Julia.

In the Center of cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev, where she went for a consultation, the doctors recommended that the occluder. According to them, the edges of the holes between the Atria “strong, yet not messed up”, so the chance for recovery is quite high.

“I, of course, unsettled that this operation paid. Where to get the money? I bring up a child. Parents under 70. But in my case only one option. Another operation is too risky. According to doctors, it from minus 10 years of life. And I want to live. Want to develop as a teacher, to publish his textbook on civil law, become a Professor. But most importantly I want to raise my daughter, to give her education to prepare her for independent life”, – says Julia.

The cost of heart surgery to eliminate atrial septal defect – 270 thousand rubles. Julia will not be able alone to raise this amount. Let’s help her out!

Fund “Pravmir” helps adults and children with congenital and acquired heart defects receive necessary treatment, including access to minimally invasive heart surgery. Help can you by donating any amount or by subscribing to a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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