Yurash: Bill 5309 provides for the re-registration of the parishes of the UOC

The Director of the Department for religions and nationalities of Ministry of culture Andriy yurash

If you take the bill 5309, every parish of the UOC will have to re-register, explained the Director of the Department for religions and nationalities.

The Director of the Department of the Ministry of culture for religious Affairs and nationalities Andriy yurash said that once the bill will be passed 5309, each religious community “will be forced to decide” with the title. The official said during a briefing of the Ministry of culture, which was visited by the journalist SPM.

According to Urasa, re-registration in Ukraine 19 000 Orthodox religious communities, will be the “objective consequences” of legislative action.

In early October, an official of the Ministry of culture said that after Ukraine Thomas UOC will lose their status. The bill 5309 provides for amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations”. It concerns the names of religious organizations and associations, whose “nerve center” is located “in a state that is legally engaged in military aggression against Ukraine and/or temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”.

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